Interview: Davide Rapp

Students: Can you imagine that the film clips can be part of an online search network in which you can type a keyword and you find the specific clips as a result?

Davide Rapp: Yes, I can truly imagine that, and also it is what I am trying to develop in the future. Due to the fact, that my videos give in a way a new interpretation to a specific topic, this could be very useful for the users. It could be a platform of short clips for specific topics and you can search them with keywords.

SThe film is a medium for a wide range of people. Do you think it is possible to strength the people’s interest also into topics like Biodiversity in our cities, which is not a very common topic in the daily discussion?

DR: In my opinion, with the film you can show up every problematic in our life. Sometimes when the topic is too special, you need to film your own material, as we did with the movie of the dog running through Milan for example. It always depends on your idea of the clip. If the idea is good, the clip is able to strength sb. interest into the topic.

SDo you think that cinema can sensibilize the public towards architecture in their environment?

DR: I don’t think so. I think that it can sensibilize architects about how society looks at us and architecture. So maybe through movies we can understand what’s right and what’s wrong in our behavior and what we’re supposed to do for cities or for people. Because I think you have noticed that in the editing there were not so very well described activities about the work of an architect. This is because they have to simplify, of course, but I think there’s a sort of gap about what architects do and what we’re supposed to do for other people. So I don’t think we should use cinema in order to explain our way to look at the future but I think we can learn a lot from cinema.