Interview: Fabio Novembre

Student:  The last question is about biodiversity. Urban biodiversity has many challenging faces: one of this is, of course, the multitude of identities and a variety of elements that mark out the inner structure of our cities. How do you deal with this kind of complexity in your design work?

Fabio Novembre: Listen, the fact that we need to create new words to express old-time ideas always makes me smile. Bio- diversity: life displaying itself in dif-ferent ways, its being multi-form. But we experiment this diversity since we were born. Think about when you are in a nursery and you see all the babies: they look similar, but they are so different. Bio-diversity is an intrinsic factor of human nature and design process. We don’t need to label it. We all experience biodiversity from the very moment we were born till we die. It’s not correct to promote it as a trend, because we are bio-diverse even if we don’t want to. If we throw it from the door, it co-mes back from all the windows. So, what are we talking about?