Meat City is a project for a better future, right against the stream of cruelty and pollution linked with the meat production system. The ex Municipal Slaughterhouse of Viale Molise becomes a sustainable center for the production of “in vitro meat”, in relationship with the city of Milano and its citizens. The project aims to be a closed-cyrcle system, based on different rings of the same chain. Laboratories, agricolutural fields, animals’ farms, educational areas works togheter, opening the doors of an historically hidden treasure, creating a restored space for condivision based on biodiversity and sustainability. The public area offers several attractions to the hosts of Meat City. Visitors can buy and taste in vitro meat in the resturant and the shop placed in two restored building, or can get informed about issues linked with meat, food, health and sustainability in the brand new museum built alongside the historical central gallery of the Slaughterhouse. The production system uses the connections among the buildings that historically made up the meat production chain. Laboratories are placed in the ex slaughter chambers, restored fridges host the meat before the selling and a huge building hosts the cells during the fibers’ growing process. At the base of the whole system there’s the natural area. Surrounded by water, it hosts animals’ shelters, agricultural fields and green energy productions systems. Everything works togheter according the same aim and creating a futuristic replicable model  for the restoring of dismissed area in the cities without the distruction and the cementification of the countryside, pollution and waste.


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