Nature Connector will deal with the connection between the human and animal, the urban and natural, finding a reconnection between these two conditions. The project initially tried to develop an artificial connector with a physical shape. Through the process we realised that an artificial connector was not the optimal answer, but that the solution already exists in nature and is the bee. The project therefore proposes to create a habitat for the bee within the city, acting as a means of reconnection between the natural and urban condition.

We are imagining a linear park like a green river running through Milan connecting green areas. This will be realised by using the abandoned railway tracks as a linear park and converting the railway stations as hubs along this route. The green system will be designed as a flower landscape in order to create an ideal habitat for bees and attract them to the city. The bee is an essential part of the process to spread biodiversity through pollination, eventually covering the entire city of Milan.

Moreover, the scheme we propose includes social and economic dimensions and contributes to mobility and ultimately urban regeneration. This will be achieved by community gardens and public spaces, workshops and research centres at hubs, a linear park as a pedestrian and cycling route and a potential micro-economy that the system will provide. As part of the project we created a model for a start-up, called hiveMi, aiming to educate the public on bee-keeping in their private garden and rooftop spaces and promoting the importance of nature in the city, specifically the bee.


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