The aim of the project is to create a new way of living within the city, elaborating spatial visions into which an urban biodiversity can be achieved. The in-between space of a gallery witnesses the overlapping of two realms, humans on one side, animals on the other, that find a way to come together inside a unitary system, both by sharing the same space and facing each other creating visual relationships. The removal of the solid boundaries and the exposure of the structural system of the building allows the inhabitants of the two sides to observe each other’s way of living and develop a respectful attitude towards coexistence. Each side has its own design objectives. The part designed for animals is enriched by the presence of nature, providing them with food, shelter and warmth, while the reuse of the city’s organic waste in the form of compost placed within the layers of soil provides a fertile ground for the growth of vegetation. The design tools do not only create a pleasant environment but also appeal to the animals by providing them a mission to complete by their nature. Whereas in the part dedicated to humans, while carrying on their daily work and leisure activities, if desired, men can observe the animal part and get closer to them through the hanging bridges located in the upper floors. On top of the previous tasks, the passage where the games are located has become a unique part of the design. Bringing humans to the same level of space experience of animals is achieved by crossing the logical norms of human kind. The act of playing is something that animals and humans share in their behaviour: as Dutch cultural historian Johan Huizinga asserts, the reality of the game extends beyond the human sphere, not having its basis in the rational mind. Thus, a series of games along the path will allow humans to play and move like animals, and therefore to gain a different insight into the animal world.


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