As one of God’s many creations we we are unable to comprehend the languages of the other beings ,but it doesn’t make us the dominant being. Far from that it gives us an added responsibility of being able to integrate these animals into our ecosystems.The main objective of the project is to bring Biodiversity into the city. We gathered all that we could from the initial theories and discussion put forth to us by various learned speakers. Any  intervention in the city would not be long lasting unless the root causes of their initial departure from the city were addressed.  Also, analyzing the History of Milan and its position in the European Union we came to understand that it was the most polluted city in Europe. Air and Soil contaminants were the main constituents of the pollution.Thus our aim was for our project to be more permanent and have a long lasting effect which would result in a complete reversal and cause the animals to re-enter the city. We realized that pollution needed to be reduced if not eradicated from the city. Since, we were looking at a long term proposal we decided not to tinker with existing structures in the city. Thus we chose the abandoned site of Zona Farini where we could place this structure. The available land around it could also be used to cleanse the soil of its contaminants .This is of particular importance in the railroad which is a very heavily polluted area. Also, since any arrangement to clean the soil requires a long term plan the main structure could function independently to habitate the animals and clean the air simultaneously.The above reasons resulted in our proposal of the Bioscraper. A non-anthropocentric approach gave rise to a vertical structure with a central core to hold the structure in place with no horizontal floor plates. A permeable facade allows birds to enter and leave the structure with ease.The lake at the bottom is instrumental in cleaning the water and soil, while the algae bio-reactors help to clean the air. We decided to treat the soil by the process of Phytoremediation. This is achieved by planting particular species of plants and trees . Any change that needs to be done will need to have a long lasting effect and create a visible difference .Hence , we decided to create a process and a system which would have a permanent effect on the city and its environment.



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