Pocabanu Club is an experiment of a “new way of life” and a scenario of biodiverse environment in the middle of man-made landscapes. It’s how the city should have been: a place in which all the species cohabit, collaborate and establish mutual relations. The club has also a social aim, which is raising awareness on the questions of biodiversity and shifting the usual perspective towards the theme of cohabitation with other species, especially in urban contexts. Who decide to join the club, gain the possibility to experience a scenario that is very different and sometimes opposed to the condition of the modern city. The Pocabanu Club is a temporary “adventure” in a world that is the reversion of the city model, a place made for all the species following one main key word: “cohabitation”.
The project captures the potentialities of the urban voids connected to infrastructures, and in particular the intersection points of the highways, which become vast and rich residual spaces with a potential to become biodiversity spreading epicenters. This project is located into the intersection between Viale Fornalini and Tangenziale Est of Milan, but it’s thought as a system able to expand itself.
The activation of the environment is the starting point of any further intervention and it’s based on a deep and multidisciplinary research about the needs of different species. The many enclosures generated by the infrastructure becomes natural “islands” with specific features addressed to different categories of flora and fauna species. Inputs as water and vegetation are already present and just need to be activated with some natural operations as the digging of the covered irrigation canals or the planting of new flora. In this way, the homogeneous residual space of infrastructures is converted into a rich and dynamic environment able to host a large number of species.


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