JACQUES DERRIDA„How does he know, by the force of his intelligence, the secret internal stirrings of animals? By what comparison between them and us does he infer the stupidity that he attributes to them? When I play with my cat, who knows if I am not a pastime to her more than she is to me?“ 

An eternal truth is that animals belong to nature. According to Nietzsche in The Genealogy of Morals, man is a promising animal which nature has ‘discipinized’ and set apart from it. Given the position to design for animals, man needs to go back to eternal truth and design a undesigned natural habitat which embodies human redemption in the form of various kinds of natural bioremediation systems (not an artificial structure for animals for whom he can’t tell if it suits the natural world). Nature is not peaceful, it is wild and is given freedom by man, being as less touched and influenced as possible. Man acts in the elevated and floating cloud city, which feeds and waters natural world under him. Furthermore, cloud city is an agent that harmonizes nature and ecology within the built environment.

We shifted our view of the world from an anthropocentric angle to an ecological one. Foremost, our design approach was based on studying movement and vital activity of hedgehog, worm, snake and wegtail. The second layer of our intervention to Goccia are invisible processes: soil remidiation, underground water filters, algae reactors, sunlight collectors. And the final, third component is a Research Centre itself, elevated 20 meters above the ground, nature- and eco-oriented structure.

Goccia has been abandoned. How can we intervene? The questions of natural vs artificial, destructive vs regenerative were debated during the process of development. Finaly, the desicion to brining complementary activities to this space, forming a concept of untouched nature. Cloud city allows the biodiversity to do its purpose, accelerating it. The natural environment, consisting of forests, gardens, and wetlands among existing dense urban housing landscape, will be complemented by human layer above – a Research Centre.


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